Mind Departure EP

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Mind Departure EP
The first EP of Mind Departure, a precursor for their upcoming album. Digital download contains 2 bonus live performed tracks!

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Liner Notes

Many of you know the love we have for creating music and then get out there and perform in front of you. We are trying to get somewhere with that and the best way to do that is to manage to gather some money from the sales of our EP. The reason is because we have to find a way to fund our album. Also, you get 2 bonus tracks with this digital download, both live versions, one of "Between You And Me" that is already on the EP, and one of "Skin Polluted", a track that will be featured in our album. If you like our music and you want to support, that's the best way you should do it.


Dimitris, Christos, Christian and Nikos aka Mind Departure


Dimitris Makris - Vocals
Christos Tsekourloukis - Guitars
Christian Bacoyiannis - Bass
Nikos Pavlou - Drums

Chris Tsekourloukis & Dimitris Makris - Lyrics
Mind Departure - Music

Nikos Pavlou - Recordings, Mixing & Mastering
Chris Tsekourloukis - Recordings & Arrangements

Alexandra Bacoyianni & Dimitris Makris - Artwork
Dimitra Stamelaki - Photography

Special thanks to:
Kay Darens, Michael Smeros, Thanos Liberopoulos, Nikos Kapralos, Sandy Heroo, Eleftheria Zavalis, and of course all of you who support our efforts!


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